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Let’s talk about the misconceptions of heatlhy eating and leading a healthy lifestyle. Most people have no clue what eating healthy is. Peoples idea of healthy is drinking diet soda instead of regular, or eat lean cusine frozen meals. This is not healthy, infact drinking diet soda is actually worse than regular soda due to the atrifical sweeteners that is used i it. It cuases numerous health deficencies and can lead to a lot of chronic problems.

The same goes for those frozen low calorie meals that you get in the fridge section at the grocery strore. These foods are often high is sodium and although they say no preservatives, they still contain some that are just awful for your body to consume. Avoid low calorie juices and sports drinks like Vitamin Water. People really think that they are getting the best of both worlds when the drink vitamin water because they think that they are getting vitamins and water at the same time. What they don’t realize is that they are still drinking artifical sweetners and sugars that are bad for your health. After all, Vitamin Water is owned by coca cola and you should all know that coca cola is not in the industry for health purposes. They want to to drink and consume their products and will advertise anything and say anything to get people to buy their products.

Also try to avoid conventional eggs, chicken and beef. Opt for pasture rasied chickens, grass fed beef instead. They are higher in omega fatty acids and much leaner than other meats. It’s also very important to try at eat half of your meals with raw veggies. Your body needs raw foods because it is the most easliy digestable foods for your body to digest and can help increase your overall health a ton. This is a key to eating healthy and maintaining weight loss. Your diet is 80% of your battle to lose weight. So if you’re struggling to lose weight and you’re doing some of the things I mentioned above. Now is the time to make the switch and start making adjustments in your eating habits.

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